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Your BurdenEMBR
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UPDATE: 6.1.2021

EMBR have recently released the EP IDOLATRY where they cover 4 grunge era tunes. The visualizer for Soundgarden's MAILMAN is on the right > 

"With Idolatry, EMBR have paid tribute to four of the most influential bands in the last thirty years, while also showing a huge amount of growth in the few months since their debut 1823."

Read the review HERE

EMBR have also returned from a recent session at Ledbelly sound. They have recorded 3 new tracks for an upcoming EP to commemorate the 10th anniversary of NEW HEAVY SOUNDS

EMBR also released a new video this month for the song EYES LIKE KNIVES. 

NEW VIDEO for the song EYES LIKE KNIVES from 1823

Read the reviews for 1823 HERE

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EMBR is:  Alan - Bass | Mark - Guitar | Crystal – Vocals | Eric  - Drums 


EMBR (pronounced “EMBER”) formed in the Birmingham, Alabama region in 2015. Their mission statement is to find the happy medium between both sonic worlds, to walk with one foot in somber density and the other in a place of blissful, uplifting tranquility. Something simple yet loud with complexity, grunge qualities, even abrasive at times, but offset with beauty and calm.

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