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Your BurdenEMBR
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UPDATE: 9.18.2020

EMBR have returned from their recording sessions at LEDBELLY SOUND. Their new EP will be released soon. Stay Tuned!

NEW VIDEO for the song WHERE I'VE BEEN from 1823

EMBR has recently signed with NHS (NEW HEAVY SOUNDS) and has released their first full length album with the UK label. 

EMBR pulls back no punches right from the start on this release. There are drop-tuned guitars, chest rattling low end, pounding drums, vocal cord ripping screams, synth and exquisite haunting vocals. All this while hitting the seasoned and new listener with the unexpected.

The songs on 1823 are loud, brutally beautiful, abrasive and at times they send you into a dense and dark atmosphere.

Welcome to the next chapter of

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EMBR is:  Alan - Bass | Mark - Guitar | Crystal – Vocals | Eric  - Drums 


EMBR (pronounced “EMBER”) formed in the Birmingham, Alabama region in 2015. Their mission statement is to find the happy medium between both sonic worlds, to walk with one foot in somber density and the other in a place of blissful, uplifting tranquility. Something simple yet loud with complexity, grunge qualities, even abrasive at times, but offset with beauty and calm.

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